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New Name, Mystek!

2013-02-13 13:58:04 by TattoosOfficial

Hey, so I have been off of newgrounds for a while, because I wanted to go underground and work on my songs. I have a new name now, and I will be going under that name now!
Heres a link to one of my videos. It is my remix of Zedd's hit single-Clarity
Zedd - Clarity (Mystek Remix)

My new name is Mystek


2012-08-24 21:26:02 by TattoosOfficial

Hey guys!
I will be updating a couple of my tracks for either better quality/improvement.
Alias is going to have vocals (The singer is AWESOME) and maybe also boldt.
I am re-mastering russian roulette so stay tuned!

New Single

2012-07-29 21:54:22 by TattoosOfficial

Finally! Alias is done and ready to go for tomorrow.
I hope you guys are ready...Or not..-_-
I worked really hard on getting the sound right and the composition okay so I really hope I get a good review on it.

its Electro-house!

Hope you enjoy guys!

**Update This is the link!

DnB DnB DnB!

2012-06-16 15:47:43 by TattoosOfficial

Working on a couple of banging dnb tracks! Stay tuned

....I flipping love DnB